Pine Bluffs & Ceda Falls Railroad

Pine Bluffs Gazette

The Pine Bluffs Gazette is the newspaper of Pine Bluffs and the surrounding area, and has a history going back almost as far as the Pine Bluffs & Ceda Falls Railroad. The newspaper covers everything that goes on in the area, from extensions to the Railroad to UFO sightings.

Little Known Oil Company From Texas Opens Depot in Pine Bluffs

It has just been announced that a major new industrial facility is to be opened in Pine Bluffs in the next 12 months.

State Governor visits Pine Bluffs Railroad

Yesterday Rock Boulder, the recently elected State Governor of Colorado, visited the newly renovated headquarters of the Pine Bluffs and Ceda Falls Railroad.

Fire Chief Blames Fireworks Display for Bakery Blaze

Pine Bluff’s Fire Chief, Arson Fyre, has blamed the July 4th fireworks display for the serious fire and subsequent explosion at Garibaldi’s Bakery.

Independence Day Celebrations Attracts the Crowds

Pine Bluff’s Independence Day celebrations held in the Angus Campbell Memorial Stadium, broke all attendance records.

Sheriff Ruff Justice Vows to Clamp Down on Rowdy Young Drivers

Pine Bluffs newly appointed Town Sheriff Ruff Justice outlines how he will be cracking down on the behaviour of young drivers in the vicinity of Al’s Diner.