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Little Known Oil Company From Texas Opens Depot in Pine Bluffs

The new Ewing Oil Depot at Pine Bluffs

It has just been announced that a major new industrial facility is to be opened in Pine Bluffs in the next 12 months. ‘Ewing Oil’, with headquarters in Dallas, Texas, have been graned planning approval to build an oil distribution depot on the western outskirts of Pine Bluffs depot. Construction is expected to start in the next few weeks and will be completed before July next year.

At a press conference attended by a number of City dignitaries ‘Jock’ Ewing the CEO and founder of the company expressed his delight at the planning approval and added that this would be Ewing Oil’s first facility outside of their home state. The Texan was accompanied on his trip to Pine Bluffs by his wife ‘Miss’ Ellie and two sons John Ross Junior, known as JR, (who was home on leave from the Army in Vietnam) and Bobby.

Later at a reception held in the City Hall our reporter asked the Mayor what he thought of the arrival of Ewing Oil to Pine Bluffs and the Ewing family them-selves. “This could bring much needed new jobs to the city”, commented Mayor Hackenback, “As for the Ewing family they all seemed great people except for that JR who is a right pain in the !!!, I would never be surprised if someone doesn’t shoot him sooner or later”.