Pine Bluffs & Ceda Falls Railroad

State Governor visits Pine Bluffs Railroad

Rock Boulder (center) with Angus Campbell III and Sue Ellen
Rock Boulder (center) with Angus Campbell III and Sue Ellen

Yesterday Rock Boulder, the recently elected State Governor of Colorado, visited the newly renovated headquarters of the Pine Bluffs and Ceda Falls Railroad. His hosts for the visit were Angus Campbell III, President of the Railroad and his personal assistant Sue Ellen.

The Governor was the only son born to a Stan Reagan a hairdresser living near Beaver Creek, in Campbell County. When, at 16, he travelled to California to make his fortune in the movie industry, he decided to change his name to Rock Boulder, believing that no one would succeed with a name like Ronald Reagan.

Gazette readers will be aware that Governor Boulder, who was elected in a landslide victory, was formerly a movie star of high repute. Some of his better known movies include his first roll in ‘Monsters from Mars’, where he played the third monster from the left (the green one) and his most successful movie ‘From Beer to Maternity’ (where he played the alcoholic, consultant gynaecologist).