Pine Bluffs & Ceda Falls Railroad

About Pine Bluffs & Red Dot Mine

Pine Bluffs & Red Dot Mine will be a layout over 20 years in the making when it is completed in 2016.

The layout is an ‘HO’ American round and round layout, built on modular principles by the American Section of Alton Model Railway Group, and centred on a fictional railroad company in Colorado, in the 1950s.

The layout combines the existing modules/layouts Pine Bluffs Depot, which has been converted to DCC and been refurbished, and Pine Bluffs Freight Yard with a new module, Red Dot Mine, to form a layout approximately 6mx4m, with the unusual configuration of viewing scenes on 3 full sides, with the fiddle yard area on a short end.

The full layout will make its exhibition debut at Rail-Ex Taunton in October 2016, swiftly followed by Tolworth Showtrain in November 2016, and will be available for exhibitions from the start of 2017, although due to the number of operators required and transportation is only likely to be exhibited twice a year.


To book Pine Bluffs for your exhibition, please contact Allan Rose on 01420 564262.